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Positive SSL Certificate

E-commerce industry relies on an efficient website security to gain customer trust and confidence over the website. The extensive demand of using the browser has brought in the need of SSL encryption. Hence this probes a chance of converting a visitor into a long term customer.

Comodo SSL (DV) Certificate

SSL protection for your website doesn't always cost a fortune. With Comodo SSL (DV) certificate, you can ensure a complete protection of your website and gain trust from your customers at a price that fits your budget. Comodo SSL (DV) offers unlimited server licenses, a dynamic site seal logo for your website

Positive SSL Wildcard

Ecommerce merchants who own a domain that hosts multiple subdomains raise the significant demand of PositiveSSL Wildcard Certificates, to save time and money with less complex administration. When a website hosts a huge number of subdomains, wildcard SSL Certificates becomes high in demand. A specific IP address is required by the Web servers for each subdomain on the Wildcard certificate.

EV SSL Certificate

Extended Validation SSL certificate commonly known as EV SSL Certificate helps any customer to gain trust over your website. It provides a green address bar for your website with your company name and details being displayed for the customers to understand how well your site is secured. This is proven to enhance the customer confidence to proceed with their transactions through your website. This helps any website owner to increase the rate of sale conversion.